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Step 4b: Self-Publish Your Book

Self-publishing is a huge area and whole books have been written on the topic. I have tried to condense what I’ve learned into a few short(ish) sections, but if you plan to self-publish you will need to explore each of these sections in much more detail. Continue reading “Step 4b: Self-Publish Your Book”

5 Steps to Publishing a Book | www.junemolloy.com

Step 4a: Find an Agent and/or Publisher to Publish Your Book

If you would like to be traditionally published then you need to find a publisher who is interested in publishing your book. Some publishers will allow you to submit your manuscript directly to them. However, most big publishers will only accept submissions via an agent. Continue reading “Step 4a: Find an Agent and/or Publisher to Publish Your Book”

5 Steps to Publishing a Book | www.junemolloy.com

Step 3: Pick a Publishing Route

Now that you have a well-written and clean manuscript, you need to decide on which publishing route you would like to take. There are two main routes – either publish through a traditional publisher (the traditional route) or publish the book yourself (the self-publishing route). There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Continue reading “Step 3: Pick a Publishing Route”

5 Steps to Publishing a Book | www.junemolloy.com

Step 2: Make it Better

Yes, I know – you’ve written the perfect book. There’s nothing that could possibly be done to make it better. Except there is! I have no doubt that your book has the potential to be a bestseller or Man Booker prizewinner, but at the moment it is an unpolished gem. It needs lots of further care and attention before it is ready for publication. Continue reading “Step 2: Make it Better”

5 Steps to Publishing a Book | www.junemolloy.com

Step 1: Write a Book

If you want to publish a book, the very first thing you need to do is write a book. You simply cannot publish a book that isn’t written. While it’s good to have an overview of the process of publishing before setting out on your own publishing journey, there is little point in reading multiple “How To” guides unless you actually have something to publish. So, if you’re reading this and you haven’t yet finished your book (or maybe not even started it) – you need to get back to work! Continue reading “Step 1: Write a Book”

5 Steps to Publishing a Book | www.junemolloy.com

5 Steps to Publishing a Book

Since I published My Food Odyssey – Lithuanian Food: Nine of my favourite traditional Lithuanian recipes early last year, and perhaps more so since I released Guardian of Giria earlier year, I often get asked how to go about getting a book published. It’s a question that is not easy to answer in a few sentences, so I have put together a short guide to talk you through the process. Continue reading “5 Steps to Publishing a Book”

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Wild Lithuania

Wild Boar Feeding Project, Tauragė (Lithuania)

Oh, the joy! Oh, the sweet, sweet joy! Finally, after years of searching and waiting, I got to see a wild boar in the flesh. But not just one boar – a whole sounder (group) of sows and piglets! And the experience was everything I hoped it would be! Continue reading “Wild Boar Feeding Project, Tauragė (Lithuania)”

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Waldorf Green School, Vilnius

This week, I visited the Waldorf Green School in the village of Skirgiškės, about an hour north of Vilnius. The school is set about two kilometres from the village, deep within the forest, where it is surrounded by paddocks and lots and lots of trees. The classrooms, all built of wood and each with their own woodburning stove, are cosy and welcoming. Continue reading “Waldorf Green School, Vilnius”

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Charity Book: A Bowl of Irish Stew

I am delighted to be involved in this wonderful charity project in aid of Pieta House (Ireland). Pieta House helps people in suicidal distress or engaging in self-harm and those in need of suicide bereavement counselling. Since first opening their doors in 2006, Pieta House has helped over 30,000 people and has subsequently established twelve more centres across Ireland. In 2015, they launched a pilot program in Queens, New York. In 2017, this became a permanent centre and changed its name to Solace House. Continue reading “Charity Book: A Bowl of Irish Stew”

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Wild Lithuania

Sparkling Webs

There is something soothing about September. After the build-up of spring and the crescendo of summer, things are slowly starting to wind down. The ouch is gone out of the sun but it is still warm enough to be outside, sometimes even in shorts and a t-shirt. The evenings are noticeably shorter but there is still enough light to walk the dog after dinner. By 9 pm it is fully dark, perfect for settling down with a good book or a movie without the guilty feeling that you should be doing something more “constructive”. Continue reading “Sparkling Webs”

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Wild Lithuania

Hoopoe (Kukutis)

It was very misty this morning and I didn’t have a great sleep last night, so when I saw this guy on the garden fence I was certain I was seeing things. Unfortunately, he flew off before I could grab my binoculars. But later, when I went out to the bin, I spotted him again and managed to grab my camera before he flew off. I think this is the most beautiful bird I have ever seen “in the flesh”! Continue reading “Hoopoe (Kukutis)”

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Are Animal Books Waning in Popularity?

‘How could books about wizards, werewolves, hobbits and fairies be desirable, but books about real-life animals not be? Have the animal books that I loved so much in my youth died a death?’

My guest post for Mairead Hearne of the wonderful Swirl and Thread. Continue reading “Are Animal Books Waning in Popularity?”

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Tauragė Vegetable Market

“I think you should drive,” Arūnas said.

“No, no – I’ll walk. It’s just around the corner,” I replied. The weather was sweltering and I had just stepped out of my non-air-conditioned, sauna of a car – I had no desire to get back in. Besides, the market really was just around the corner. I was still on the phone to Arūnas when I got there. It was a four-minute march, tops. Continue reading “Tauragė Vegetable Market”

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Guardian of Giria

FREE BOOKS for Schools & Libraries!

Today, I am delighted to announce my new “Free Books for Schools & Libraries” initiative.

Schools & libraries in Ireland and Lithuania can now apply for a free Paperback copy of Guardian of Giria. Teachers and librarians internationally can also apply for a free Kindle copy of the book. Continue reading “FREE BOOKS for Schools & Libraries!”

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Guardian of Giria

Characters in Guardian of Giria

Giria Wood is a large forest with a healthy population of animal families, many of whom feature in the story. Some are main characters and others are just family members who are mentioned once or twice. Together, they make quite a cast of characters. Continue reading “Characters in Guardian of Giria”

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Wild Lithuania

Red Deer Antlers: Annual Regrowth

A red deer stag with a massive crown of antlers is a very impressive sight. And indeed, that is part of their function – to make the stag look more impressive to the ladies. It takes a lot of testosterone to grow those antlers and it takes a lot of food to nourish them, so large antlers are a good indication of the virility and strength of the male. Unfortunately for the stags, they lose their antlers every year and then grow a new set. And while they’re between sets of antlers, they look just like the girls!
Continue reading “Red Deer Antlers: Annual Regrowth”