Guardian of Giria

Guardian of Giria, by June Molloy | Felix, a grumpy wild boar and undisputed king of the forest, is annoyed to discover an intruder has visited his private clearing. The only traces are a strange scent and an even stranger set of footprints —footprints that appear to have been left by a dog with only two feet. A few days later, a young fox cub goes missing and her frantic mother asks Felix for help. Felix investigates and discovers two enormous wolves. When he learns of their hunting capabilities from a travelling raven, Felix realises the residents of Giria Wood are now in great danger and immediately devises a plan to guard the animals and eliminate the wolves.

What follows is an exciting adventure as the animals band together to protect and defend against this new threat. The plot involves a varied cast of characters, including a group of misfit pre-adult boars, a family of foxes, a family of beavers, a knowledgeable raven and an assembled group of magnificent red stags who would really rather be preening themselves for the annual rut than dealing with wolves.

Age Range: 9-14
Grade: 4-9

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