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A Selection of Reviews from Amazon and Goodreads


5 Star Rating |     Wonderful forest animal story

I love animal stories as you may know – but not just any animal stories – they have to be well-thought out, not rely on easy cliches about animals, not turn animals into furry-four-footed humans, and they have to evoke the natural world convincingly. With love, care, intelligence and compassion.
June Molloy’s Guardian of Giria does exactly that. All of it. And well.
The story is immediately immersive and completely believable (no spoilers here). The differing perspectives of the animal characters in this story all make sense and offer unique insights. There is a lot to learn, a lot to wonder about, but especially a lot to love. I would read more about these characters any time – more books in the same world please!
The interactions between the creatures in their own groups and between groups of other animals is fascinating. Although I have said that these characters are not pseudo-humans, the clever representation of their widely varied world-views does give the reader some cause to reflect on the differences between humans – why they fight – why they go to war – why they love each other.
Felix is probably the most rounded character, though it was Indigo who won my heart. What can I say? I’m a sucker for wolves.
Many readers of fantasy and other speculative fiction will love this book just as much as I did. Similar authors – Kathryn Lasky, Michelle Paver.

Clara Redman, 26 February 2019


5 Star Rating |     Through the eyes of animals has been done with great thought and planning

Imagining the world through the eyes of animals has been done with great thought and planning. This book is so enthralling. The characters are well developed. Some are smart and likeable and others… not so much, just like in real life! You will not be disappointed spending time in the forest with them. You can almost smell the fallen leaves and pines in Giria. No doubt you will feel the tension and joy of the characters as life becomes complicated in their land.

Tina Jovanovic, July 12, 2018


5 Star Rating |     I loved it.

I was transported from my shady backyard to the mysterious forest of Giria by this charming story. My lazy summer afternoons were caught up in the intrigues happening deep in the woods. For a place that seems so peaceful, the animals are facing a terrible danger, the plot thickens, the hero has to save their home. I loved this book. The author has a wonderful insight into nature and draws you in with beautiful detail.

Aussie Cunningham, July 11, 2018


5 Star Rating |     Brilliant read to share with your children!

I loved this book and it transported me back to night-time reading with my two children. Fantastic animal characters and the author’s description of the natural habitat is a great learning base for your children. It’s a story for both adult and children alike. Would definitely recommend this book and am looking forward to more from this author.

Lj Ryan, October 4, 2018


5 Star Rating |     Real-life animals with delightfully human personalities – Great read!

I’ve loved animal books since I was a kid (Watership Down, The Silver Brumby etc) and I found this to be a great read. Like all good children’s books, plenty in here for the adult reader too. I really enjoyed this tale from the forest with its intricate and interesting animal characters and their teamwork to get rid of the new threat to their livelihood. While following Felix and his friends on their adventures, both my kids and I learned lots about European fauna and their natural habitat. While the animals are delightfully human in their thoughts and conversations, they remain true to their real-life animal behaviours as far as I could see. My daughter has just turned 11 and this is perfect for her to read herself, though I’ve been reading it to my younger children. Looking forward to the next instalment!

Audrey Molloy, 14 June 2018


5 Star Rating |     One for all the family!

Normally I would skip animal books but looking out for something new for my kids and this really had me hooked. The descriptions of the woods made me feel like I was there watching but they weren’t too over do so it keeps your interest which is also better for the younger reader. The story follows the hero as he defends his family but also gives an insight of the enemy and their story. I found it had it all, funny elements, loving family moments, excitement and some scary bits which all give to a great adventure that you and your child can go on together. Fully recommend this one and cannot wait for the next instalment.

Rachieblue, 18 July 2018


5 Star Rating |     Adventure in the woods

A truly great read cover to cover…literally couldn’t put it down. The inhabitants of Giria are brought to life with a vibrancy I have not seen since Watership Down. I felt an empathy with both the residents of the wood and the ‘intruders’…a gift of the writer to view both sides of the story.

Anne Valentine, 14 June 2018


5 Star Rating |     I loved this book

I loved this book.. loved the way we were given information about animal behaviour. I can’t wait for the next instalment.

Anne McLoughlin, 22 June 2018


5 Star Rating |     It was amazing!
I loved this book. The author managed to transport me to a forest for a fast-paced adventure that kept me turning the pages long past bedtime. By the end of the story I wasn’t quite sure which side of the fight I was on, but I think it was the wolves. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

Grace Valentine, 19 September 2018

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