The ravens in Guardian of Giria are Common Ravens (Corvus corax).

  1. Common ravens are the most widely distributed birds in the corvid (crow) family. With a wingspan of up to 130 cm (51 inches), they are also one of the largest corvids.
  2. They can live for up to 21 years in the wild and up to 40 years in protected environments.
  3. While fighting is common amongst ravens, they tend to be highly devoted to their families. Once a pair mates, they tend to stay together for life and nest each year in the same location. While only the female sits on the eggs, males will often remain close to the nest, shielding it from wind and rain. Chicks stay with their parents for 6 months after fledging.
  4. Common ravens have few natural enemies, although they will often be chased off by larger predators for stealing their prey.
  5. Common ravens are omnivores and have an extremely varied diet. They often feed on carrion (animal carcasses), rodents, insects, smaller birds, eggs, frogs, grains, berries and other fruit.

For more information, see here.

Common Raven | www.guardianofgiria.com

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