Common Buzzard |
Wild Lithuania

A Buzzard Soars

Our house is nestled at the edge of our village, facing out onto fields and forests for as far as the eye can see. Sitting in my front room, I regularly see buzzards swooping and soaring over the fields. Generally, they are quite far in the distance, but occasionally they do come quite close. I was lucky once to be in the garden, camera in hand, when one flew over the house. Most of the time, though, they are gone from range before I have time to grab my camera.

Similarly, when I’m out taking photos, I often see them in the distance. They are hypnotic to watch – the smooth and seemingly slow wing flaps, then the flutter as they prepare to swoop on their prey, the patterns of their wings. I often sit for quite some time just watching. I often try to take photos, but they move in and out of range so quickly, it is difficult. Yesterday, I was lucky to get two nice shots. It’s encouragement enough for me to go out again today!

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Common Buzzard |

Common Buzzard |

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