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Nemo Girls [Nemo Mergikės]

We all travel our own road. Even when we travel with partners or groups, we each take different things from the experience. We enjoy quiet moments away from the group or playful moments with a friend. We notice different details – a stick that might entertain a dog, a feather that might adorn our hair, a pretty pebble at the water’s edge. These are our own personal moments – the moments we will keep with us long after our travels have ended.

This summer, the Nemo raft hosted several groups of women who wanted to take a little time away from their hectic lives to slow down for a few days. While they came as a group and had some structured group sessions such as conscious breathing and life coaching, each was there for their own reasons and each took the time they needed for themselves. They also found fun and pleasure in each other’s company. I have no doubt that they went home feeling revived and refreshed, and with new-found friends who will stay in their lives for years to come.

I hope they don’t mind me sharing some moments from their trip. Nemo girls, enjoy!

Details of our journey along the Nemunas can be found here.

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4 thoughts on “Nemo Girls [Nemo Mergikės]”

    1. Hey John. Do you mean somewhere close to Kaunas, or are you happy to travel out of Kaunas a bit? If you won’t have a car, then you can either get a Bolt to locations within short range (they’re pretty cheap) or use public transport to places further afield, in which case you’d need to stick to main arteries. Airbnb is great for finding places – just put in “Kaunas” and your dates, then expand the map to show places a bit further out. 25km in a Bolt is about €15. You can get a lovely house in a rustic setting all to yourself! Just to mention as well that there is talk of a new lockdown from mid-September, but I have no idea what that will look like or who it will impact. I hope you have a fab trip! Feel free to PM me at any stage if you have more questions, June.


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