Wasp spider (paprastasis vapsvavoris) in web | Wild Lithuania | www.junemolloy.com
Wild Lithuania

Autumn comes too early

The weather has turned distinctly autumny over the past few weeks. We went from blazing heat every day for most of July to wind, rain, mist and chilly temperatures just as August began. While a bit of respite from the heat is welcome, I’m not ready for autumn just yet!

Chestnut trees are always the first to turn brown and shed their leaves, but I don’t remember them starting this early in previous years. Maybe I’m just becoming more tuned into the turning of the seasons as I spend more time in the countryside.

But it’s definitely too early for grey, misty mornings that highlight the huge cobwebs decorating trees and shrubs along the lane where I take my morning walk. The tiny droplets of water make the webs sparkle, despite the low light, making the intricacies of their structure clear to see. It’s incredible to think that a single wasp spider can weave a web of this size in about an hour. Though they look a bit large and intimidating, these stripy spiders are harmless to humans – and really quite beautiful. I wonder if they care about the seasons…

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