Wood Violet (Kvapioji našlaitė) | www.junemolloy.com
Wild Lithuania


Spring came late in Lithuania this year. Winter didn’t start in earnest until January, but it found its feet quickly and dug in hard. Snow fell on top of snow and temperatures held at about -19 C (-2 F) until the end of February. It was beautiful to behold, even if it cost a small fortune in heating bills!

In March, the snow slowly began to melt, but grey clouds prevailed, and it still felt like winter. Some birds started to arrive, but not in the great numbers we usually see in spring. Traditionally, storks (the national bird of Lithuania) arrive back on March 25th, but I didn’t see my first stork until April 9th.

But little by little, new life began to emerge. Catkins on willow trees and bushes, butterflies, bees and lots of wildflowers, sometimes in small patches, and other times in great carpets of colour. They are wonderful to see, and reassure me that spring is finally here!

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Coltsfoot (Šalpusnis) | www.junemolloy.com
Coltsfoot (Šalpusnis)
Wood Violet (Kvapioji našlaitė) | www.junemolloy.com
Wood Violet (Kvapioji našlaitė)
Wood anemore (Baltažiedė plukė) | www.junemolloy.com
Wood anemore (Baltažiedė plukė)
Hebatica (Žibuoklės) | www.junemolloy.com
Hebatica (Žibuoklės)

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