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Homemade Fajitas [Recipe]

It’s been a while since I made fajitas. I’m not sure why, as they really don’t take very long to make. I guess I get stuck in a cooking rut sometimes and just end up making the same few dishes on repeat. But recently, when a friend came to lunch, I thought I’d pull out all the stops and make something a bit special.

Not that fajitas are difficult to make, even from scratch. I don’t like using packets of seasoning as they tend to include too much salt, plus lots of other ingredients I don’t want to eat. I usually just mix up a few simple spices, like garlic powder, quince powder, smoked paprika, chilli powder and a pinch of salt. I always make my own salsa and tortillas, too. The tortillas take a bit of forethought as the dough needs to rest for a while, but they are very quick to roll and cook. For the salsa, I just chopped some fresh tomatoes, red onion, fresh flat-leaf parsley (I had no coriander/cilantro) and mixed together with a drizzle of oil and a squeeze of lime juice. It was zingy and refreshing, and went perfectly with the spiced chicken thighs.

You can find the full recipe here.

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