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Sunset Boulevard

The soul of an evening is in the sky. That’s where the drama unfolds, if there is to be drama. Or the serenity, if she’s in a tranquil mood. Clouds drift softly, or fold themselves gently around the setting sun. At other times they move quickly, or form thick blankets that create a tapestry of colour in the sky. The vista is ever-changing. One moment, you see the perfect sky. Five minutes later, it is even more perfect. And so it continues until the last drop of light fades and darkness slowly falls.

Sunsets are ubiquitous, but the landscapes that shape them are diverse, each bringing their own magic. Sunsets over water are particularly bewitching as the colours are reflected on the shimmering waves, the light dancing softly across the surface. It’s hard to capture this magic in a photo as it is not still – it is alive and dynamic. And yet I find myself reaching constantly for my camera, so that I can share this splendour with others, and so that I can look back and remember both the beauty and the moment.

We are only one month into our trip down the Nemunas, and already I have seen the most amazing sunsets. As the river gently winds its way west, I know there will be many more to come.

Details of our journey along the Nemunas can be found here.

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