Eurasian Skylark |
Wild Lithuania


Driving through the countryside at the moment, the air is filled with the song of these tiny little birds. I scan the skies, I scan the fields, but they are so hard to spot. Finally, I see one. I sit and watch. I listen. It is magical.

Eurasian Skylark |

Eurasian Skylark |

If you’re not familiar with the beautiful song of the skylark, you can hear it in this video:

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3 thoughts on “Skylark”

  1. Absolutely adore skylarks. Very symbolic in a lot of literature for one! I think they really do represent the endless possibilities of the human imagination, and their song just feels like a blissful and welcome escape. Lovely images.

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    1. Thanks Luke! I’ve been trying for some time to get a decent photo of one. Usually, they’re fluttering high up in the air, often in pairs, but they move too fast to capture. On the ground, they are SO hard to see. I was delighted I got a few somewhat sharp images. But mostly, I just listened to the music!

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