Guardian of Giria, by June Molloy |

Keeping Kids Entertained during Social Distancing

It seems that the whole world is now on lock-down, with the term “social distancing” now a part of our daily vernacular. While social distancing will hopefully help to stem the spread of coronavirus, self-isolating in this manner is not without its challenges. This is particularly true if you have kids who are now home from school, meaning they are missing out on their education, plus you need to keep them entertained all day when they can’t go out and play with their friends.

To help entertain (and educate!) your kids during this social distancing period, I have decided to do a chapter-by-chapter reading of my middle-grade novel, Guardian of Giria. The first three chapters are now available online and I hope to post at least one chapter each day, time permitting.

If your kids would like to read along with me, the first six chapters are available here. You can also purchase the book (paperback and ebook versions) from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I am going WAY outside my comfort zone here as I hate having my photo taken, never mind appearing in videos! But if it keeps your kids entertained or prompts them to pick up a book, then it will be worth it. Hopefully, I will get more comfortable with it in the coming days and start to “act” a bit more”! In the meantime, stay safe.

PS: so you know what you’re getting yourself into, there are 70 chapters in the book, each about 8 minutes long.