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Ask the Author – Millie’s Questions

One of the greatest joys of writing books for kids (or for any audience, to be honest) is getting positive feedback from readers. It takes a long time to write a book, and even longer to get it published, so hearing that people have read and enjoyed your work is extremely gratifying. A friend wrote… Continue reading Ask the Author – Millie’s Questions

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Darter Invader

My field guide tells me that this is a Ruddy Darter, but I don't believe it. I've seen this guy somewhere before. In a movie. I'm sure of it. Dragonflies are my favourite insects and maybe even one of my favourite wildlife species. They are ancient, with fossils dating back over 325 million years and,… Continue reading Darter Invader

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Characters in Guardian of Giria

Giria Wood is a large forest with a healthy population of animal families, many of whom feature in the story. Some are main characters and others are just family members who are mentioned once or twice. Together, they make quite a cast of characters. To help you keep track of who's who, I have put… Continue reading Characters in Guardian of Giria

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Irish Book Launch – May 26th

I am so excited that Guardian of Giria is now available worldwide! You can buy a copy here or through most online retailers. I am also delighted to announce that the book will be stocked at The Book Centre in Wexford, which will also be hosting the official book launch on Saturday, May 26th at… Continue reading Irish Book Launch – May 26th

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The Hardbacks Have Arrived!

The first batch of hardbacks arrived today and they are totally gorgeous (even if I do say so myself!) To order, see here. Complimentary bookmark included with all orders (while stocks last!) Like what you see? Then please subscribe for updates on my writing, photography & daily life. You can also follow on Facebook and… Continue reading The Hardbacks Have Arrived!

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Guardian of Giria – Book Trailer!

I had a lot of fun making this. I hope you enjoy it! Like what you see? Then please subscribe for updates on my writing, photography & daily life. You can also follow on Facebook and Twitter. You can view more of my wildlife photos here and here.

Books, Guardian of Giria

Introducing: Guardian of Giria!

It feels like I've been waiting such a long time to bring you this news and I am very, very excited. On Tuesday, May 8th 2018 I will be releasing my very first novel, Guardian of Giria. This book has been a long time in the making. It began in the summer of 2016, when… Continue reading Introducing: Guardian of Giria!