Ruddy Darter (Dragonfly) |
Wild Lithuania

Darter Invader

My field guide tells me that this is a Ruddy Darter, but I don’t believe it. I’ve seen this guy somewhere before. In a movie. I’m sure of it.

Dragonflies are my favourite insects and maybe even one of my favourite wildlife species. They are ancient, with fossils dating back over 325 million years and, apart from their size, they don’t seem to have changed much in all that time. They look alien and my own view is that they have been an inspiration to filmmakers for generations. Have a look at the photos below and see if you agree!

Ruddy Darter (Dragonfly) |
This is an Avenger, right? The one that hangs around with Captain Whatshisname? I can see the backpack where he hides his wings when he’s not in flight. He has lifted his goggles onto the top of his helmet so he can examine the plant. No?!
Ruddy Darter (Dragonfly) |
Ruddy Darter (Dragonfly) |
Close-up of Dragonfly-Man!
Ruddy Darter (Dragonfly) |
Not sure what Dragonfly-Man is trying to do here, but I love how he curls his wings around to hide his actions from spies!
Ruddy Darter (Dragonfly) |
Isn’t this the guy Anakin used to work for? The one who couldn’t be beaten in pod races?
Ruddy Darter (Dragonfly) |
Looks like him to me!
Ruddy Darter (Dragonfly) |
No wonder no one could beat him in a pod race – this guy has eyes in the back of his head. That’s really creepy!
Ruddy Darter (Dragonfly) |
This guy reminds me of ET when he was wrapped up in a blanket. It could also be a Star Wars character, sipping on a cocktail at some shady bar.
Ruddy Darter (Dragonfly) |
This is a much friendlier looking character. He’s from a Disney movie. Friend of Baloo, maybe.
Ruddy Darter (Dragonfly) |
Or maybe he was the inspiration for The Tooth Fairy in those Santa movies. Didn’t he have a helmet and goggles, and pretty iridescent wings?!
Ruddy Darter (Dragonfly) |
I think this guy was in one of the Transformers movies. One of the original Transformers, before “the dawn of time”.

Apart from movie inspiration, these are such beautiful creatures. They are colourful and agile and fast – sometimes I can’t even keep up with them when I’m driving! There is a huge variety of species and I look forward to photographing many more of them in the future.

Disclaimer: no herbs, medicinal or otherwise, were used in the writing of this post.

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