Are Animal Books Waning in Popularity? |

Are Animal Books Waning in Popularity?

‘How could books about wizards, werewolves, hobbits and fairies be desirable, but books about real-life animals not be? Have the animal books that I loved so much in my youth died a death?’

My guest post for Mairead Hearne of the wonderful Swirl and Thread.

Read the full post here.

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2 thoughts on “Are Animal Books Waning in Popularity?”

  1. Great article June written with authority, passion and hope. My personal view is that readers and reading are cyclical and like all trends they return to what gives enjoyment and pleasure and on that basis I’ve no doubt that, in the short term, all things flora and fauna will again ignite that something within the human psyche that brings us back to nature and all her wonders.
    So chin up, eyes down and continue writing…it’s your gift to us all.

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    1. Thanks, Gary! Yeh, I also think these things are cyclical and hopefully, animal books will come back into “fashion” in the near future. I also think (or maybe hope) that books that are timeless rather than topical will survive better in the long run!

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