Are Animal Books Waning in Popularity? |

Are Animal Books Waning in Popularity?

‘How could books about wizards, werewolves, hobbits and fairies be desirable, but books about real-life animals not be? Have the animal books that I loved so much in my youth died a death?’ My guest post for Mairead Hearne of the wonderful Swirl and Thread. Read the full post here. Like what you see? Then… Continue reading Are Animal Books Waning in Popularity?

Amalgamation |


I have spread myself too thin. Somehow I have ended up with 5 Facebook pages, 2 Twitter accounts and 2 blogs, none of which is currently well attended. So, in an attempt to simplify my life, I am cutting back! I am now amalgamating all my writing and photography efforts under this one blog. There… Continue reading Amalgamation