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Waldorf Green School, Vilnius

This week, I visited the Waldorf Green School in the village of Skirgiškės, about an hour north of Vilnius. The school is set about two kilometres from the village, deep within the forest, where it is surrounded by paddocks and lots and lots of trees. The classrooms, all built of wood and each with their own woodburning stove, are cosy and welcoming.

I had been invited by the English teacher, Lolita, to present my book, Guardian of Giria, to the students. As you might expect of children attending a school in a forest, they were all very interested in the wildlife featured in the story! I gave three presentations to different age groups. We had some wonderful discussions, including some lively debates on the culling of animals and vegetarianism. It was great to see the students so interested and animated!

At the end the day, Lolita presented me with a piece of homemade apple cheese (pressed apple puree). Homemade gifts always make me happy, especially if they are food gifts! Thank you to Lolita and all at the Waldorf Green School for a wonderful day. I really hope you enjoyed the presentations and will enjoy reading the book!

Apple Cheese |

Apple Cheese |

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