High Tea in the High Hide | www.junemolloy.com
Wild Lithuania

High Tea in a High Hide!

This is how to do September – high tea in a high hide!

Two thick slices of homemade sourdough, slathered with homemade mayo,
Two soft-boiled eggs, still warm,
One home-grown tomato,
One home-grown apple,
A mug of tea,
A fantastic view,
Camera in hand …
And a gorgeous evening!

High Tea in the High Hide | www.junemolloy.com

High Tea in the High Hide | www.junemolloy.com

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6 thoughts on “High Tea in a High Hide!”

    1. Lots of things, Gary! Roe deer, a red deer stag, a pine marten (who flashed past under the hide before I could grab my camera!), loads of birds including cranes, great tits and blue tits. It was my first sighting of a blue tit, but the light was quite low so the photos are not great. I’ll see if I can salvage one! Oh, and there was an amazing purple sky when the sun went down. Ah, bliss!


      1. There is no dairy in mayo, Amanda. And I don’t see it as being remotely likely that the whole world will turn vegan, not in my lifetime or any time in the future.


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