NEMO 9 – The Water World

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Three Day Cruise

PRICE: €159.00

DATE: June 29 – 1 July

START: June 29, 10:00 a.m. Kruonis observation deck
FINISH: July 1, 16:00. Yacht club
MEETING PLACE: Kruonis observation deck
PLACES TO VISIT: Mergakalnis, Ragana mountain, Dovainoniai mound, Rumšiškės, Love bay, Gastilioniai trail, outcrop, hut .

We will climb the legendary mound and mounds. We will take a walk around Rumšiškės, the Folk Museum, which is one of the largest in Europe (195 ha). It is the only ethnographic museum in Lithuania, presenting a reduced reflection of all ethnographic regions and towns in Lithuania. We will see Lithuanian houses, apartments, everyday environments where grandparents and older generations lived. We will explore the Bay of Love, whose nature is filled with harmony and relaxation. We will visit the Salomėja Nėris Museum, the poet’s house, which currently has a literary and memorial exposition. We will also take a walk around Kaunas Yacht Club. We will visit the magnificent Pažaislis Monastery, whose ancient spirit breathes a breath from afar and eagerly invites us to enter our dungeons, walk through the corridors, labyrinths and expositions. We will also see Kaunas St. The Church of Mary’s Visit to Elizabeth, the inside of which resounds with silence and peace and echoes of bliss in the heart. All this meaningful trip and stops for easy swimming in the waters of the Nemunas, swimming, warming in the steam bath, kayaking, relaxing and enjoying life and holidays.

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