NEMO 8 – The Peaceful River

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Weekend Cruise

PRICE: €199.00

DATE: June 25-27

START: June 25, 7 p.m. Sekionys
FINISH: June 27, 2 p.m. Kruonis observation deck
PLACES TO VISIT: Darsūniškis, Darsūniškio Švč. Church of the Virgin Mary, Darsūniškis St. Casimir Gate, Dabinta Mound, Juniper Valley.

SETTLEMENTS: Sekionys, Astragai, Darsūniškis, Lapainia, Dabinta, Tursonas, Sietynas, Arlaviškės.

Peace within, with yourself, with nature and the world. The purpose of this route is a short weekend break, an opportunity to escape from the clutches of the routine, relax and enjoy the current of the river, which carries on and on. Not only will we relax, but we will also spend time meaningfully. We will visit Darsūniškis St. Church of the Virgin Mary, we will see Darsūniškis St. We will climb the gate of Kazimieras to Dabinta mound. We will also take a walk around the beautiful Juniper Valley, the panorama of which invites you to stop and inhale the breath of a majestic moment, where an enchanting view of the Nemunas opens, staying in the heart for a long time and still reminding us of the incredibly beautiful places around us here in Lithuania. We will go downstream, explore the river banks by kayak, shoot from the bows and relax in the Nemo steam bath. We will listen to live music and watch Nemo’s night fire dance.

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