NEMO 6 – The Labyrinth

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Weekend Cruise

PRICE: €199.00

DATE: June 18-20

START: June 18, 7 p.m. Hunting
FINISH: June 20, 2 p.m. Giraitiškės
PLACES TO SEE / VISIT: Balbieriškis outcrop, Peleda camping, Homestead paradise corner, Birštonas embankment, Giraitiškės resort

SETTLEMENTS: Zajai, Nešeikiai, Puzonys, Balbieriškis, Žydaviškis, Žvyrynai, Mūliškės, Uosa, Žiegždriai, Žemaitkiemis, Karnuvės.

A great Nemo weekend for relaxation. Quiet swimming in nature, downstream of the Nemunas. Surrounded by greenery, trees and changing shores. Stops in nature. Nemo fire. Evening of the Steam and the freshness of the Nemunas. We are sailing through Balbieriškis, a settlement that was founded in the 15th century. at the end. Through the outcrop of Balbieriškis opens the grace of the bend of the Nemunas, and the gaze flies further to the horizon. Canoeing, rafting. And most importantly – immersion in yourself, in your peace and rest in nature.

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