NEMO 5 – The Kingdom of Bends

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Three Day Cruise

PRICE: €159.00

DATE: June 15-17

START: June 15, 10:00. Rumbonys
FINISH: June 17, 16:00. Medžiukų
PLACES: Rumbonys mound, Bundoran mound, the Oak Alley, Punia mound
Serpent Valley, ashy mound Siponys exposure, Margaravos mound, Dubi mound
settlements: Sparks, Siponys, Punia, Trakeliai, ashy , Margarava, Nemajūnai, Hawks,
Nečiūnai, Dubės, Vaitiškės, Medžiukai, Šaltinėnai, Padaglė.

A route for those who like to climb, climb, walk and get to know each other. It is a swim during which we will visit many mounds and admire the views that open from the Siponiai outcrop. We will get to know the historical monuments, walk around the areas of amazing beauty and get closer to nature. In the evening, a warm Nemo fire awaits us. And the moving body will be relaxed by the evening of the steam bath. Rich time sailing on Nemo raft, Nemunas. In his free time – kayaking, archery and other entertainment that creates an unforgettable summer vacation in Lithuania.

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