NEMO 4 – The Fairy of the Forest

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Weekend Cruise

PRICE: €199.00

DATE: June 11-13

START: June 11, 7:00 p.m. Amusement Park Tarzania
FINISH: June 13, 14:00. Rumbonys
MEETING PLACE: Amusement Park Tarzanija
PLACES TO VISIT: Tarzanija, Radžiūnai mound, Alytus mounds, Dainų valley, Alytus pedestrian bridge, Roželiai heart, Rumbonių Švč. Trinity Church.

SETTLEMENTS: Sudvajai, Kaniukai, Alytus, Panemuninkeliai, Rumbonys.

June begins with its warmth tickling the heart and mood. Turn a weekend into a real fairy tale in nature! This is a route for those who want not only to have fun, but also to relax by walking around the Song Valley, Alytus pedestrian bridge, climbing mounds and visiting the spectacular Rumboniai St. Trinity Church. A short weekend can become a mini-holiday, with its fun and relaxation, sightseeing and relaxation in the steam room. Nemo’s night fire, kayaking and unique swimming on the Nemunas are a fairy tale that stays in the heart for a long time.

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