NEMO 2 – Green Oasis

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Three Day Cruise

PRICE: €199.00

DATE: June 4-6

START: June 4, 19:00 Merkinė
FINISH: June 6, 14:00, Mežionys
PLACES TO VISIT: Merkinė pyramid, Merkinė observation tower, Netiesa manor-homestead.
SETTLEMENTS: Merkinė, Jonionys, Netiesos, Mežionys.

Greenery gives life to the landscapes of the Nemonu shores. Enriches with oxygen and creates a pleasant environment. This route is for those who want to spend an unforgettable weekend in nature. We will travel on the large Nemo raft, have fun, go kayaking, archery and relax in the green oasis on the banks of the Nemunas. We will visit the Merkinė Pyramid, one of the most visited objects in Dzūkija, and climb the winding Merkinė Observation Tower, from which the magnificent Dzūkija National Park opens up from the observation decks. The image that opens up there pauses all thoughts for a moment, and the gaze flies in boundless latitude. From above you can see all the grandeur of the Nemunas and watch the graceful dance of the river bends. In the evening – Nemo night fire and a unique evening of a steam bath. Steam that warms the body and soul, just a step away and fresh water of the Nemunas.

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