NEMO 15 – The Legend of Minia

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Three Day Cruise

PRICE: €179.00

DATE: August 10-12

START: August 10, 10:00, Rusnė
FINISH: August 12, 16:00, Lankupiai
MEETING PLACE: Rusnė, camping near Rusnė bridge
PLACES TO SEE / VISIT, Rusnė, Mostad, Uostad river Minija, Uostadvaris lighthouse, Kintai, Vydūnas Museum, Kintai Church of the Crucified Jesus, Sakūčiai, Lankupiai, The longest suspension bridge in Lithuania.

Minija river . In the highlands of Samogitia, where Šatrija and Medvėgalis lie, where lies the Varniai Regional Park, where the enchanting nature and its wonderful beauty – the Minija River is born. It is the largest and most beautiful river in Samogitia. Travelers on the Minija River have a great opportunity to get acquainted with the unique nature of the Samogitian region, cultural heritage sites on the shores, historical and natural monuments, protected areas and stay in beautiful campsites. Having widened and become a fast-flowing river, Minija is becoming a popular water tourism route, which is especially popular with kayakers, tourists and rural tourism homestead lovers.

Kintai is a settlement near the Curonian Lagoon. In the center of the town there is an Evangelical Lutheran church, the history of which dates back to the 18th century. Wilhelm Berbom, a fisherman’s inspector and an English merchant, lived near Kintai in 1844. introduced the marking of Curonian Lagoon fishing vessels in wind vanes. Such ornate and distinctive weather vanes have not been found anywhere else in Europe. 1888-1892 The famous Lithuanian writer and philosopher Vydūnas lived and worked in Kintai. The Vydūnas Memorial Museum has been established here, where you can deepen your knowledge about the past of Lithuania Minor and see a unique exhibit – the Vydūnas Harp. Variations are also famous for their fishing traditions. Kintins have long been “competing” with Rusnė fishermen for exclusive smoked fish recipes

The Lankupiai bridge over the Minija river is the longest suspension bridge in our country. The bridge is a 130 m long, 1.4 m wide, metal-plated bridge over the Minija, connecting Klaipėda and Šilutė districts in Lankupiai village. There is evidence that this bridge was built in the 20th century. at the beginning.

Mingė village is the Venice of Lithuania

There is a point that no one has regretted visiting yet. Whether the sun shone, or it rained, or the ice rustled, or the flood drew. This is the village of Minija (Mingė) on both sides of the river called the Venice of Lithuania. Whoever has been here will come back here and come back, because in such diversity, it is simply impossible to see and experience everything in one visit.

This NEMO weekend you will learn about a village called Venice in Lithuania, which is especially beautiful and unique, where the street is represented by a river.

It is the only street village where the street is represented by a river, but there is no bridge over the river next to it.
For the Nemo raft, this will be a whole new journey. Raft Nemo sails further and further with each summer.

Rusnė is one of the oldest settlements in the Nemunas delta, founded in the 15th century. It is the only Lithuanian city on the island. Rusnė is unique with the Uostdvaris lighthouse and water lifting station. In summer, Rusnė becomes a particularly popular place, with an information center. The old traditions of fishermen are revived in the town – a sailing boat of Rusnė fishermen was built according to old drawings.

In the port of 19th century has survived. The Uostadvaris lighthouse, which is no longer in operation, is just like an observation deck.

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