NEMO 13 – Unseen Nemo

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Five Day Cruise

PRICE: €250.00

DATE: July 31 – 4 August

START: July 31, 10:00 p.m. Panemunė
FINISH: August 4, 12:00. Rusnė
PLACES TO SEE / VISIT: Sovetsk (Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia), Canoeing I, Canoeing II, Canoeing III, Manor FARENHAUS AM SEE, Canoeing IV.

SETTLEMENTS: Nausėdai, Šilininkai, Rusnė.

Special swimming, because during it we will not only swim a lot, but also visit the historic Königsberg, Sovetsk city (Tilsit). It is a city in Russia, in the Kaliningrad region, on the banks of the Nemunas. We will take a walk around the old town of Tilžė and get acquainted with the sights. Unseen banks of the Nemunas, completely different from the first stages. A route for those who love kayaking and are determined to race the raft. We will stop at the beaches, run to the sandy shore, and let go of the wind at the point of splashing water on the shore. We will explore unfamiliar shores, enter narrow streams and carry out unforgettable mini-expeditions around the unexplored region of Lithuania. Movement, kayaking, walks on the shores and hot sauna steam after the Nemunas expedition. Kayak trips end in Rusne, a branch of the Nemunas delta. Not only the nature of Rusnė is amazing, but also the town Rusnė, mentioned since the 14th century. Here we will see St. George’s Chapel in memory of Earth Day, Rusnė Evangelical Lutheran Church, monument to Mahatma Gandhi, H. Zuderman’s Oak and ethnographic – fisherman’s homestead-museum. Sports and culture in one route.

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