NEMO 11 – Lithuanian Ibiza

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Five Day Cruise

PRICE: €299.00

DATE: July 17-21

START: July 17, 10:00. Veliuona
FINISH: July 21, 12:00. Smalininkai
MEETING PLACE: Smalininkai
PLACES TO VISIT: Panemuniai Regional Park, Vaiguva “river-street”, Plokščiai St. Church of the Name of the Virgin Mary, Raudonė Castle, Kartupenai Mound, Panemunė Castle, Vytėnai Saleziai Monastery Chapel, Gelgaudiskis St. Church of the Exaltation of the Cross, Mastaičiai mound, Jurbarkas, Jurbarkas manor, Jurbarkas St. Trinity Church, Sudarg Mounds.

SETTLEMENTS: Jotyškiai, Kaniūkai, Rotuliai, Graužėnai, Pilis 1, Palankinė, Pareiviai, Šilinė, Jurbarkas, Plakys, Skaistakaimis, Grinaičiai, Pupkaimis, Gravel, Smalininkai, Raudonė, Skirnemunė, Raudonėnai, Mastaičiai.

Ibiza – beaches of rest, joy and laughter. On this route, the sandy islands formed in the middle of the Nemunas simply invite you to stop and enjoy life. The trip amazes with its greenery, and the small and gentle as it were sea sand tickles the feet. We will get acquainted with Panemuniai Regional Park and many cultural heritage values. We will visit enchanting churches, majestic castles. We will visit Veliuona, which dates back to 1644. built in Veliuona St. The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the monument to Vytautas, the monument to Gediminas and other cultural places in this cozy and very interesting corner. We will climb the tower of Panemunė Castle with steep steps and see the enchanting landscape of the Nemunas. We will walk around Jurbarkas, Jurbarkas manor, we will see Jurbarkas St. Trinity Church. And Sudarg mounds are an unforgettable refreshment of nature for the soul.

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