NEMO 10 – The Cradle of Civilisation

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Five Day Cruise

PRICE: €299.00

DATE: July 10-14

START: July 10, 10:00 p.m. Kaunas Winter Port
FINISH: July 14, 12:00 p.m. Veliuona
MEETING PLACE: Kaunas Winter Port
PLACES TO VISIT: Nemunas – Nevėžis confluence, Pypliai mound, Kačergine, Zapyškis, Kulautuva, Paštuva mound, Jaučiakiai mound, Vilkija, Žemovė pania , Ilguvos St. Church of the Discovery of the Cross, Ilguva manor, Veliuona mound, Veliuona region manor, Veliuona St. Church of the Virgin Mary.

SETTLEMENTS: Kaunas, Papiškės, Kretkampis, Pepiai, Gineites, Low panemunė, Šilelis, Beiniūnai, Kumičiai, Kačerginė, Tolivardiai, Pakalniškiai, Netoniai, Paštuva, Klangiai, Dievogala, Brūžė, Kriūkai, Kuva, Kuva , Kulauttuva, Vilkija, Baraviškiai.

The place of the meeting will surprise with its special shipping atmosphere, because here, in Kaunas winter port, the ships of Kaunas rivers winter. We will see ships and boats, barges and other shipping attributes. We will visit the Nemunas and Nevėžis confluence landscape reserve. We will admire the panorama that opens from the top of Pypliai mound. We will walk around Kačerginė, Pranas Mašiota Park, Kulautuva. We will get acquainted with the legendary Vilkija, a unique hill town, where the neo-Gothic St. St. George’s Church, A. and J. Juškės Museum of Ethnic Culture. Vilkija has been mentioned since 1364. It is said that the name Vilkija has been heard since the people living on the other side of the Nemunas heard the howling wolves howling in the vicinity of present-day Vilkija. Since then, this region has been called Vilkija. The wide Nemunas, which we will see from the top of the Seredžius II mound, we will take a walk around Veliuona and get acquainted with its cultural monuments: Veliuona St. Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Vytautas Monument, Gediminas Monument, etc.

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