NEMO 1 – The Magic of the Current

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Three Day Cruise

PRICE: €159.00

DATE: June 1-3

START: June 1, 10:00 am, Druskininkai
FINISH: June 3, 16:00, Merkinė
MEETING PLACE: Druskininkai pier
PLACES TO VISIT: Liškiava monastery, Liškiava mound, Turauskas homestead, Merkinė pyramid.
SETTLEMENTS: Druskininkai, Gailiūnai, Liškiava, Žeimiai, Žiogeliai, Gudeliai, Krušonys, Maksimai, Dubaklonis, Pašilingė.

It is here, in the resort town of Druskininkai, that a great rafting journey begins. The current will take us to the fairy tale of the Nemunas, full of natural magic and wonders. Magic is first and foremost nature, with its beauty and unforgettable moments, enriching both mood and health, and vacation. We will watch the magical night game of Nemo fire. We will experience a real miracle of relaxation in the Nemo steam bath. Miracles take place in places of interest, and there will be several on this route. We will also visit the 17th century. Liškiava monastery, basements in the church with surviving 18th century the remains of Dominican monks and an exposition of the liturgical heritage of the 17th-20th centuries. We will climb to the Liškiava castle mound, also called Ragana masonry, where the construction of the brick Lithuanian castle was started. We will feel a special force of silence in the Merkinė pyramid. Let’s go kayaking, we will shoot from the bows, we will have fun. We will get closer to nature and ourselves in the Nemo steam bath. The whole route is a miracle of nature, because nature is a real miracle of the world.

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