Red Deer Hind |
Wild Lithuania

Red Deer Hind with Calf

I’ve waited so long to take these pictures. I know they’re not perfect, but when one of your favourite animals strolls out from the trees a few metres away, you take whatever photos you can get, regardless of the strong shadows. Red deer feature prominently in my middle-grade novel, Guardian of Giria, and I have been seeking them out for about two years, mostly to no avail. This hind posed nicely for a moment, then trotted off across the road and disappeared back into the trees. I had just put my camera down when I realised she was being trailed by her newborn calf – the tiny creature on spindly legs looked like it was only hours old. I had no time to focus, so please excuse the blurry shot. I still think it’s cute as can be!

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Red Deer Hind |

Red Deer Hind |

Red Deer Hind |

Red Deer Hind |

Red Deer Calf |

7 thoughts on “Red Deer Hind with Calf”

  1. What a great moment! Glad you were finally able to capture some photos. It looks as if the mother was posing and giving you a moment to take her picture, like she knew you had been waiting awhile. Love the little baby. So cute.

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    1. Mammy did stand nicely for me for longer than I expected given how close she was. I obviously took her by surprise. The babies really are cute. I must get out again and try to get a better photo.


    1. Thanks, Luke! Mostly I’m delighted about the encounter – I was so happy to see the deer and then super excited to see the calf. And now that I know her route through the forest I can go back with the hide on a duller day and perhaps get a better shot. So all good!

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