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June Molloy Yoga & Pilates |

I am a certified Yoga & Pilates instructor and have been practising Pilates for over 15 years. It has made a huge difference to my life! In these videos, I hope to cover a range of exercises, from Beginner to Intermediate level. Beginner classes will generally be slower as I explain how to perform each exercise in detail. Videos at Improver and Intermediate levels will assume some previous knowledge.

I aim to keep all of these videos to 15-20 minutes, to make it easier for you to fit them into your busy day. Pilates works best if performed regularly – you will see better results doing 20 minutes three times per week than just one weekly 60-minute session.

As well as classic Pilates classes, I will also be adding what I call “Pilates Fit” classes. These will combine classic Pilates exercises with pops of cardio or high-intensity exercises in a fun, heart-pumping class!

I hope you enjoy these classes. If you have any feedback, let me know in the comments!