Mallard duck female with ducklings |
Wild Lithuania

Mallard with Ducklings

I’ve been watching the ducks down at our local pond since the start of April, following their journey. I think there are four drakes and three ducks. I certainly saw plenty of mating action in April and was really looking forward to seeing the ducklings emerge. I had spotted a few broken eggs on the path near the pond and was worried that eggs were being eaten by predators, so I was absolutely delighted to see this female with a brood of nine healthy-looking ducklings. Aren’t they just beautiful?!

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Mallard duck female with ducklings |

5 thoughts on “Mallard with Ducklings”

    1. Thank you, Michael! They were such a joy to watch. When I first spotted them they were having a swim, then they all climbed up on this little mound and snuggled around Mammy. Oh, sweet joy!

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    1. The number of ducklings they have can vary with the species of duck, although weather and predators can also be a factor in laying and both egg and duckling survival. They’re cute as a button, aren’t they?!

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