Snowy Lane, Lithuania |
Wild Lithuania

Snowy Lanes

Between the mists and the snow, the roads look endless. Oh, to drive forever on such roads, the crunch of snow beneath my wheels, the cold air pouring through the open windows as I dare not miss a single sight. The countryside is already beautiful, but under a thick blanket of snow, it is magical.

Snowy Lane, Lithuania |

Snowy Lane, Lithuania |

Snowy Lane, Lithuania |

Snowy Lane, Lithuania |

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6 thoughts on “Snowy Lanes”

    1. Thanks! There are days (like today!) when the snow is so thick and the sky so grey I’d rather stay indoors, but when the sun appears I just can’t help myself – I have to get out there! (And I look forward to a nice warming drink when I get back home!)

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    1. Thank you! Snowy winters and sunny summers are part of the reason I chose to live here. Snow is such a rarity back home (Ireland), and when it does come the whole country seems to shut down! I love that it’s just part of life here.


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